Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunities this Christmas

Below, please find all the different programs that we are running at Christmas and dates that volunteers are needed. The contact for each program is listed below.

We hope that you enjoy working with us at this busy Christmas Season


  1. Christmas Hampers are located at: 505-8th Street, Nanaimo, BC
    1. Dates are: December 11th, 12th and 13th
    2. ‘Shoppers’ and ‘Stockers’ are required
    3. To volunteer please contact Linda Ferron at 250-713-0059 or email at ferronlinda@gmail.com

  2. Christmas Dinner for Senior Shut-ins – December 23rd
    1. A Christmas dinner designed to be given to seniors who are in isolation
    2. Volunteers who are screened and have a clean criminal record check deliver the meal on December 23rd. Between 1 and 4 p.m.
    3. The meal is a 4 course traditional Christmas dinner, which is in microwaveable containers.
    4. To volunteer please contact Cheryl Gourley 250-824-0191 or email at cheryl_gourley@sananaimo.org

  3. Come on….ring those bells!!!! Christmas Kettles (indoor and outdoor)
    1. To serve on a Christmas Kettle – please call Dawne Anderson
    2. Her phone number is (250) 740-1004 or email her at dawne_anderson@sananaimo.org

  4. Community Christmas Dinner – December 15th or New Year’s Dinner – Jan 7th
    1. All volunteer opportunities have been filled – Thank you!