kidsClub1.jpgThe Virtues Project is a FEED-THE-KIDS bridge program run by The Salvation Army (TSA) Nanaimo Community Services Group with participation of volunteers from the TSA Nanaimo Church, New Hope Centre and Christ Community Church.

During one of the strategic planning sessions for the Ministry Unit, Kim Maandag came up with the idea to reach out the kids who live in the low-income community housing near The Salvation Army church and serve them without having to ask their parents to take them anywhere – we come to them and they come running when they see our Emergency Vehicle pull up. We run the emergency lights when dinner is ready.

kidsClub2.jpgThe program currently runs every other Thursday at 5PM. First, our team provides dinner, which is served in the Community Hall on site at the Pacifca Housing unit. Next, there is a bi-weekly virtue (from the program The Virtues Project followed by a fun and engaging Craft time.

Please call 250-753-8834 Tuesday – Friday from 10AM - 2PM for more information.