131004.jpgThe days are getting colder – and wetter – Thanksgiving is almost upon us and Christmas is just around the corner. The Thrift Stores are gearing up for both events and very soon you will see changes in our stores as we bring out the boxes of product we have been saving all year for this season.

If you have shopped in our stores in the past, you will know that we carry a tremendous inventory of wonderful Christmas products at incredible prices. There are many of our regular customers who do most of their Christmas shopping at our 3 locations. Our Customer Appreciation Cards, coloured tag sales, and special sales days allow you to optimize your dollars.

The wonderful thing is that not only are you, our customer, are having the opportunity to purchase great seasonal items, but you are also helping out your neighbours in Nanaimo! We are so grateful to you who donate, and you who shop in our stores because YOU make it possible for us to feed and house the less fortunate in our city. Someone asked me the other day, ‘what kinds of people stay in our shelter’ , and I replied that the people who stay with us, do so for many reasons. Sometimes they have fallen on hard times, sometimes they are passing through town, sometimes they just need a place to stay while they get their life sorted out, and yes, for some it is a lifestyle. Whoever and whatever the reason is not important to The Salvation Army, what is important is that we are there. There to help when we are needed. We are there with food hampers, we are there with wonderfully cooked meals, we are there with school supplies and backpacks, we are there with toiletries, furniture and whatever else is needed. We are there….. but only with YOUR help!

Thank you for being part of The Salvation Army in the community of Nanaimo. Each and every one of you are vitally important to our Mission.