news-082613.jpgCommissioner M. Christine MacMillan 
International Social Justice Commission 
Short Bio - February, 2011

Following a childhood in Toronto, Canada; Christine MacMillan trained as a social services worker. After ordination as a Salvation Army officer in 1975, she worked for 15 years at a treatment centre for women with addictions in Vancouver, B.C. She trained as an addictions counsellor and in 1976 founded The Cross Walk – a drop-in centre for street workers. In 1986 she founded Kate Booth House, a haven for battered women and children.

In 1990, she moved to England and worked at ‘Hopetown’ in London’s East End, a Salvation Army hostel for women. The following year Christine was appointed Associate Director of the London Homelessness Project for The Salvation Army. With a budget of £35 million she worked towards addressing issues of poverty and homelessness with London’s most needy citizens.

Returning to Canada in 1995, Christine was appointed Territorial Director of Program within a newly integrated Social Services Department. Another international appointment took Christine to Australia in 2000 as the Australia East’s Secretary for programme. From there she was appointed Territorial Commander in Papua New Guinea.

Returning to the Canada and Bermuda Territory in 2003, Christine was promoted to the rank of Commissioner and was appointed Territorial Commander. It was during this time that Christine also served as Chancellor for the William and Catherine Booth College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 2004 from another Christian College, she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity – the first woman to be honoured in this way.

In 2007, Christine was appointed Director of the newly founded International Social Justice Commission in New York. The Commission falls within the purview of the Office of the Chief of the Staff, International Headquarters, London, England. The ISJC's initiatives and responsibilities include the following:

  • Advise the General of global matters of social justice and poverty
  • Consult with Territories on present social justice practices & programs
  • Develop expertise on selected global issues and key concerns
  • Represent the Army at the United Nations in New York, Vienna, Geneva, & Nairobi.
  • Maintain a commitment to current priorities e.g. human trafficking
  • Coordinate the development of ethical & moral positional statements
  • Produce justice related biblical and theological resources
  • Propose policy and positioning strategy to address critical concerns
  • Meet with world leaders on justice matters

In addition, Christine is Chair of The Salvation Army’s International Moral and Social Issues Council; sits on the Board of Health Partners International and Micah Challenge International and is the Spokesperson on Human Trafficking for the Worldwide Evangelical Association, and is keenly sought after to speak at international conferences on issues of social justice.

The life of Christine MacMillan knows the imprint of residing in five countries – picking up on culture, values, faith and approaches to living out her mission as a Salvation Army officer.